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Events and Offers

Each year well over a million people visit the Georgia Dome for one of our exciting events. For a complete event schedule click here: EVENTS

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Floor / Field

With 102,000 square feet, the Georgia Dome field is the perfect setting for VIP receptions or other unique corporate events!

Learn more

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club logo

Reception for over 1,000 people and includes comfortable seating arrangements and flat-screen televisions.

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Owners Club

Offers the ultimate in luxury and exclusivity. Two full bars, a dining area and a full buffet for up to 250 people.

Learn more

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Meeting Rooms

Bring your business to the huddle! Book your next meeting at the Georgia Dome.

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Luxury Suites

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A suite experience at the Georgia Dome is like nothing else!
Party Suites are available for your group of up to 24 people and our Super Suites can accommodate up to 96 people.

Learn more about Party Suites
Learn more about Super Suites

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